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me paintingHi, I’m Ethan and I paint. I teach people how to oil paint whether you are a total beginner or you want to paint better than you currently do. While learning to paint 25+ years ago, I also found out that I love to teach. That led to me creating websites, instructional products, and teaching people online 17 years ago.

At this site, you’ll come along for the journey as I teach people how to oil paint better, learn better teaching methods everyday, discuss art and painting while creating new tips, instruction, blog posts…and more.

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Painting of a Street Scene - in stages

Here is a painting I did for a show I am having. I took photos of the work in different […]

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Preparing for Insideinmystudio.com

My New website will take you right inside my studio. Each video will teach a lesson, but most lessons will […]

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