oil painting demonstration

Painting of a Street Scene – in stages

Here is a painting I did for a show I am having. I took photos of the work in different stages so you can see how the painting process works. One of the biggest mistakes I see aspiring painters make is thinking that you just draw it and then try to carefully fill it in. Almost in the way you would if you were coloring in a coloring book picture.

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About oil painting canvas

In this post I have a video that gives an introduction to oil painting canvas.

I like to call this, step 0. I used to say that how to prepare a canvas was step 1, then I thought about that for a bit. Before you can prepare a canvas, you should know a little about the material of the canvas itself. So I called learning about this, step 0.

I mean, think about it for a minute. What would be the absolute first thing you learn about when learning to paint. There’s no definite right answer, but I think the surface you are going to make most of your paintings on is a pretty good place to start.

In all my years of art school, I didn’t have a class where we spent time learning about canvas. What it is, the different ones available to buy, what those differences are, etc.

Why wasn’t it taught, you ask?

I’ve no idea. Seems ridiculous if you think about.

You are making these paintings on canvas, but you never learn about the canvas itself? It’s like a carpenter who never learned about different wood.

Anyway, watch this video, use those like button thingy’s to spread it around on your social media outlets’s like facebook, pinterest, etc.

Recommended Further Study

And, if you like this video and want to go further…you’ll get much more detailed video instruction, with my 7 DVD Set Where I Teach You To Oil Paint.

Umber and white underpainting demonstration

An underpainting is definitely a part of the beginning of creating a painting. However, it’s not the very beginning. If you’d like to begin all your painting with confidence instead of confusion, check out the “How to begin?” course

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Below is a short demonstration I made for you.

I paint from a photograph and you’ll see how I go about creating an underpainting. I use just 2 colors of paint. Well, actually 3 because if you notice, my canvas is a color. It’s not white.

An underpainting is something you should definitely consider using and learning about as it will make the process of painting so much easier for you when you understand how to use them.

Note: If you would like to go further with your oil painting instruction and are searching for a way to end your confusion when you begin your paintings, I recommend checking out my new course “How to begin?” Learn more now

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underpainting a head demonstration

Underpainting a head – a demonstration

If you have seen my video where I give you an outline for the steps of the oil painting process, this is an example of beginning an underpainting.

I paint this head from a photo, but the process is the same whether you are painting from life or a photograph.

In Depth Videos

If you liked this demo, it’s a good example of the material included (over 10 hours worth of video demonstrations and instruction) included in my 7 Video Series –  Oil Painting Formula