Ethan semmel making rabbit skin glue

Making rabbit skin glue for canvas

Rabbit skin glue is the traditional glue – better known as sizing – that is applied to canvas before the base coat of paint is laid over it.

Most people like to start something at step 1. I have taken to calling this step 0 because it’s usually forgotten, but if were painting during the old master days it would have been standard practice.

Also, note something important – it’s not hard to do.

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The colors of your palette

This video is taken directly from a longer video I made about color.

When I say color, I’m talking about the colors you will choose to put on your palette. I also talk about the paint itself.

It’s important to know why you are using certain colors and why you should have certain colors on your palette.

It seems many oil painting students just buy a bunch of colors without really knowing why and don’t really know when and how to use them.

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About oil painting canvas

In this post I have a video that gives an introduction to oil painting canvas.

I like to call this, step 0. I used to say that how to prepare a canvas was step 1, then I thought about that for a bit. Before you can prepare a canvas, you should know a little about the material of the canvas itself. So I called learning about this, step 0.

I mean, think about it for a minute. What would be the absolute first thing you learn about when learning to paint. There’s no definite right answer, but I think the surface you are going to make most of your paintings on is a pretty good place to start.

In all my years of art school, I didn’t have a class where we spent time learning about canvas. What it is, the different ones available to buy, what those differences are, etc.

Why wasn’t it taught, you ask?

I’ve no idea. Seems ridiculous if you think about.

You are making these paintings on canvas, but you never learn about the canvas itself? It’s like a carpenter who never learned about different wood.

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oil painting canvas preparation – canvas for painting

This video goes into a background on canvas for oil painting.

oil painting canvas preparation is not talked about much these days. Oil painting classes rarely talk about it because of the convenience of pre-stretched canvases that are in art stores.

Most of those canvases are, frankly, terrible. They are causing you added frustration because of how they are prepared, but most oil painting students do not even think about the canvas as a “big deal”

This is a huge mistake

Check out this video where I give a quick background lesson about canvas.

Here’s to better oil painting.

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brushes screenshot

Buy oil painting brushes – which ones?

Looking to buy oil painting brushes? Or would you just like a little primer about brushes and which ones your should have and why? I have posted a video tutorial for you which will cover which brushes are a good start if you are not sure where to start.

After all, buying oil painting brushes can be expensive. Actually, they should be pretty expensive because cheap brushes will fall apart fast and will end up costing you money in the long run.

Watch this video tutorial about buying oil painting brushes and you’ll see which type of hairs and which number of brush is a great place to begin.

Remember, a piece of advice I always give is buy the most expensive oil painting brushes you can afford. Cheap tools lead to frustration as well as cheap looking paintings.

Do you want more in depth instruction on those confusing tools of oil painting, check out my instruction manual – The Secrets of Oil Painting Supplies Made Easy